Learning to lead begins with self-leadership.

Self-leadership is the foundation for all other forms of leadership.

Leadership begins on a personal level with one’s self. This means that leadership has to do with who and what a person is, rather than with what they think they are entitled to.

This is an important point, because people who follow you will sense if you have resolved your leadership within your self, or if you are acting out as a leader through a sense of entitlement. The first form of leadership naturally leads to respect from your followers, whereas the latter form breeds resentment.

We all have the gift

As a leadership developer, I often see that many people lack the power to lead themselves into greater wisdom, maturity, choices, and outcomes, because they have not mastered the ability to lead their own self.

However, many people like this make it into leadership positions, at the burden of those they lead and at the expense of the organization they are supposed to lead to greater heights.

In other words leadership begins with a single person, and not with an office or a title. When people are taught to be excellent leaders within, outer leadership manifests naturally and easily. People are naturally drawn to such leaders, because they exude a quiet confidence; an air of authority, and a sense of well-being.

Everyone is a leader. Your development as a leader will gain traction when you begin to understand that you too are a leader, and not someone who must pretend to be a leader due to the requirements of some role or office.

Effective leadership always begins with mastering the leader within.


About the author:
Guy Morrell-Stinson is a gifted leadership development expert, author, expert trainer, and public speaker.

Guy Morrell-Stinson is the founder of Soulthentics.com, which focuses on the training and certification of leaders and consultants, based on principles of living in a true and authentic relationship with one's soul.


In addition, Guy is also the founder of several platforms for leadership videos, such as leaders-worldwide.com and womenleaders-worldwide.com.

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