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A List of Reasons to not Trust Lists

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I have been to many conferences, training sessions, and online meetings, where one to many lists have been presented, as if there is some magic in the lists.

It is as if the presenter uses the list to add credibility to his or her message. "Look! Here is a list. That means I must be an authority - right!" "I have a list, therefore what I am telling you must be true!"

Likewise, a common way of presenting a topic on leadership is to structure the presentation as a list. For example, a post may be headlined:

  • "10 mistakes leaders make when getting out of bed!"
  • "3 reasons to never make your boss mad at you!"
  • "100 ways to make a million!"
  • And so on...

The point is simple; we like lists, but lists are not the ultimate truth. In fact lists can be detrimental to our discernment and intelligence, because they presume a completeness, that is seldom there. Many lists are assumptive in nature, which offers us an easy way out of actually having to think (a little deeper than we would like to.)

So let us be fair. There is a real value in lists that help to focus and clarify. Lists can make complex situations easier to understand. Lists do help us remember what we need to achieve.

The point that I am making here, is that a lot of fluff achieves authority status with the help of an attached list. We should learn to discern the difference.

Now let me make a list of the above points.....

About the author:
Guy Morrell-Stinson is the founder of, which focuses on the training and certification of leaders and consultants, based on principles of living in a true and authentic relationship with one's soul.

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(Disclaimer: This article is offered as an opinion only, and should not be construed as professional advice. Republishing: This article may be republished unaltered and as is, with all links visible and active. Links must point back to

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