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Emotional Intelligence: Benefits Of Developing Positive Emotions At Work, By EI Coach, Rachel Green.

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Emotional Intelligence has many components. Two of the components are the ability to manage your own emotions and the ability to manage the emotions of your team and organisation. As part of this, comes the ability to develop and increase positive emotions within yourself and your workplace...

...Emotional intelligence research clearly shows the distinct benefits of people and organisations increasing their levels of positive emotions. The work of Barbara Fredrickson, for example, shows that positive emotions build emotional resilience and aid flourishing. Positive emotions also foster creativity and innovation. And, positive emotions can help increase productivity, employee engagement and staff retention at work...

...But how can you, your team and your organisation increase your level of positive emotions especially when working in a busy, tense and negative environment? ...

... Drawing on her emotional intelligence training in cultivating positive emotions and developing emotional resilience, emotional intelligence coach Rachel Green, and broadcaster and educator, Michael Done, invite you to join them in their discussion on this aspect of emotional intelligence. Both have worked successfully to develop more positive emotions in their lives, and are keen to help you and your organisation increase your positive emotions, emotional resilience and emotional intelligence...

...This emotional intelligence video examines the benefits of developing positive emotions. The benefits are both at an individual level and an organisational level...

... Emotional intelligence matters at work ...

... For details of the positive emotions course go here:
and our positive emotions master-class:

For details of guided meditations go here:

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