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Fear And Failure - Get Rid Of Them - Coach Gig's Daily Locker Room

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"The only people who never fail at anything are those who don't try anything," said Earl Nightingale. It is impossible to go through life without fear, without mistakes, without failure. Everyone goes through periods of self-doubt, lack of confidence, fear and failure. It is as natural as breathing. Successful people have learned to cope with and overcome these negative feelings.

The surprising fact is that successful people usually make more mistakes than people who fail. The difference is that successful people operate under the proven principle that one success can outweigh a hundred failures.

F. A .I. L .U.R .E.
F = Forget about your failures, don't dwell on mistakes.
A = Anticipate failure. Realize that we all make mistakes.
I = Intensity should be felt in everything you do. Never be a failure for lack of effort.
L= Learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat previous errors.
U= Understand why you failed. Diagnose your mistakes so as to not repeat them.
R= Respond, don't react, to errors. Responding corrects mistakes; reacting magnifies them.
E= Elevate your self-concept. It is okay to fail, everyone does.

Now, how are you going to deal with failure? Refer to this formula and have no fear of failure. You will live your very best life!

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